Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Transform GSO Membership Agreement

I am joining Transform GSO  to become a member of the community. We are entrepreneurs, change makers, visionaries and professionals looking to empower others and do work that is purpose driven.  

As part of the community I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain and foster these 6 Core Values.

  1. Be Authentic: Help us build a fun place to work where we can share our talents and interests. 
  2. Empower Others: We value collaboration and cooperation. This is a respectful place where it is safe to share ideas, inspirations and creativity.
  3. Drive Forward with Purpose: We want to fill our community with people who have a strategic vision and the courage and determination to accomplish that vision.
  4. Think Big!: We value everyone’s hopes, dreams and visions for the future! All are invited to join and build on the conversation. 
  5. Leave the World Better than you Found it:  Through individual action and our business models we strive to care for the people, economy and planet.
  6. Embrace Diversity: Transform GSO wants to create an inclusive community where everyone feels welcome and can contribute equally. 

THEREFORE, and in consideration of monthly membership and/or tenancy: I agree to follow these policies as a member of the Transform GSO Community.


Transform GSO offers a variety of memberships and workspace options. Each level offers accessibility to certain amenities and benefits. 


Your membership entitles you to your personal use of Transform GSO exclusively for the operation, maintenance and management of your business and activities. Other uses of the space are not permitted unless prior approval is received by Transform GSO staff.


Member Amenities:

  • Gigabit wireless fiber internet with private network with custom fire wall, provided by NorthState
  • Mail and package handling
  • 24-hour access to Transform GSO (smartphone required for after hours access)
  • Free, locally roasted Synchronicity Coffee
  • Beer on tap, sponsored by SouthEnd Brewing
  • Business supplies and printing
  • Large backyard patio & garden
  • Exclusive member discounts at local businesses
  • Transform GSO staff support
  • Conference room access

Multi-City Access: Transform GSO members and tenants receive four (4) days of coworking access each month to coworking partners across the state including Raleigh Founded (Raleigh), American Underground (Durham), CoSquare (Caswell County), and Blue Mind Coworking (Wilmington). 

Through our coworking software, Proximity, members also have access 3 times per month to participating spaces in the Proximity Network. Proximity spaces can be found here:


Payment: Membership fees are billed monthly on the 1st of each month in advance of that month’s usage. Meeting room rentals and other resources are billed upon or following usage. 

Unless special arrangements are made, all payment is processed either via ACH or credit card, through Proximity. Please note that credit card charges are subject to a 2.9% processing fee. Transform GSO will automatically raise an invoice and charge the card or bank account on file on the first of the month. It is the responsibility of the member to add an initial card or bank account upon joining, and update the card or account as needed. By signing below, the member gives permission for Transform GSO to automatically pull funds from the card or bank account that is associated with their membership account. 

Missed Payments: Should the collection of payment be declined or not received by the 1st of the month or date of invoice, members will have 8 days from the time of notice to reconcile the payment. If the payment is not reconciled within this reasonable time frame, the membership may be subject to termination.

Refunds and Credits: Transform GSO will not grant refunds for unused membership hours. Refunds will not be granted if changes to membership level or cancellation of membership are not submitted by the 21st of the month prior. Refunds and credits for other matters may be provided at the sole discretion of the Transform GSO.

New Employees

New Employees of a company must complete an orientation and sign a membership agreement form. Member companies are asked to notify Transform GSO staff at least one week before an employee starts and allow one week for key copies to be made. If the employee does not complete an orientation or sign a membership form, the company will be held responsible for their actions. 


Cancellation/Pausing of Membership (not applicable to Office Tenants): Membership cancellation/pausing requests must be received by the 21st of the month prior to cancellation. Cancellations will take effect by the 1st of the subsequent month and deposits will be applied to that last month. Cancellation/pausing includes deactivation of membership profile, removal from online communities and communications, and no member access to the workspace. On cancellation/pausing of workspace membership, members shall return to us all Transform GSO property and remove all property—including mail. 

Termination of Membership: Transform GSO may terminate membership if a member fails to pay the balance of his/her membership in 30 days, if a member fails to abide by any term of this agreement, or for any other reason prohibited by law. 

If a member company needs to terminate an employee, Transform GSO Staff must be notified so that they can remove building access and remove the member from the Transform GSO system. 


Coworking Space & Common Areas

The Coworking Space and the Café are open 24 hours a day to members unless there is an evening or weekend event. Members will be notified in advance of these events. Transform GSO is to be used exclusively for the operation, maintenance and management of business or to host community events. 

The Coworking Space and Café are communal areas meant to be shared by members of our community. Please refrain from the following:

  • Loud, phone or video conference calls in common areas.  
  • Group gatherings of more than 10 people without reserving private space.
  • Common areas should not be a substitute for private offices for larger teams.

Phone booths, meeting rooms, and classrooms are available to book for phone calls and private team meetings.   

Please keep in mind the following while in these communal areas:

  • Members should label all food and drinks that are placed in the fridge, otherwise they will be seen as communal. 
  • Members are required to keep the Café and coworking space clean for the shared enjoyment of all the members and guests. Members agree to place dishes in the dishwasher after use or hand-wash them and to report equipment issues to the Transform GSO Staff. 
  • Members should throw away perishable food items. Those left in the refrigerator for longer than a week will be thrown away. 
  • Coffee is free for members and guests. 
  • The Phonebooths are first come, first serve. Transform GSO asks that members be conscientious of others who want to make a private call and limit calls to no more than 1 hour. 
  • The Café is not an extension of the bars downtown. Any members who use the Café in this way will have their membership revoked. 

Resources + Equipment + Supplies

Members are permitted to use the equipment owned or leased by Transform GSO and located throughout the Transform GSO space. Please see notes below about specific equipment.

  • Proximity: Proximity is our member and facility management platform. As a member, you will use Proximity to manage your account, book conference rooms, access our member directory, and locate other Proximity spaces.
  • Slack: This is our internal communication system. Slack is a great way to connect with Transform GSO staff and fellow members, learn about upcoming events, post job opportunities, and more.
  • Transform GSO Staff/Reception: Transform GSO  is staffed Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Our staff provides general membership and facility support in addition to their company-related duties.
  • Internet: Members, tenants, and guests have access to Transform GSO’s gigabit wireless fiber internet, provided by NorthState. 
  • Kitchen Equipment: Equipment in the kitchen includes: stove/oven, blender, freezer, refrigerators, sink, dishwasher, ice machine, microwave, toaster, kegerator, Bunn coffee maker, coffee grinder, espresso machine, trash and recycling. Please treat the equipment with care and clean the equipment if a mess is made. 
  • Business Supplies: General business supplies such as tape, pens, envelopes, etc. are available near the front desk area.
  • Printer: All membership levels have access to the communal printer, which has printing, scanning and copying capabilities. Members are asked to keep their printing to a reasonable amount; approximately 100 pages per month. Color printing will be charged to each member at $.15 per page. Additional paper is available at the front desk. 
  • Mail: Members can use Transform GSO’s address as a mailing address for their business. Transform GSO staff will receive and sort mail and sign for packages. Transform GSO, however, is not responsible for lost or stolen mail or packages. If a member is expecting an important or high value package, they should notify Transform GSO Staff and make arrangements to be present when the package is delivered or make alternative delivery arrangements.  


  • Health and Safety: Members, guests, and staff showing any COVID-19/Flu symptoms including shortness of breath, runny nose, cough or fever of 100.4 or above, are asked to work from home. Anyone awaiting a COVID-19 test result must work from home until a negative test result is received. This policy is subject to change based on recommendations from the CDC, Local, State, and the Federal government.
  • Guests + Clients: Members are welcome to invite guests to Transform GSO for the purpose of business meetings or events. If a members’ guest works in the space for more than five (5) days, they may be subject to a membership fee.
  • Little Guests: Members who bring children to Transform GSO are responsible for them while they are in the building, and are expected to stay with them at all times. Please be mindful of any potential disruptions that may be caused for fellow members. We appreciate your help in keeping Transform GSO a professional workspace.
  • Conference Rooms:
    • Booking: In order to use a conference room, you must reserve it through Proximity or Transform GSO staff. 
    • Exceeding Time: A fee may be applied to your account should you exceed your monthly allotted time. A summary of charges will be shown on Proximity before you complete your booking.
  • After Hours Access: For safety and general facility/community management reasons, the Transform GSO team requests that members not let non-members into the building during after-hours. If a member is bringing guests into the building outside normal business hours, we ask the member to greet them at the front door and stay with them at all times. 
  • Alcohol: Alcohol should be consumed responsibly within Transform GSO. We do not tolerate intoxication or underage drinking in the space. Transform GSO is not an extension of the bars downtown and any members who use the facility in this way will have their membership revoked. 
  • Internet Usage: No spamming, posting or downloading files that you know or should know are illegal or that you do not have the rights to. Do not access any other device connected to the Transform GSO network or the Internet that you do not have permission to access. Usage of the Internet for heavy downloading/uploading is not condoned and any acts which may affect the quality or usage of the service for other users is not tolerated. While Transform GSO promises to do its best to provide you with access to Internet and telephones, you agree that Transform GSO is not liable for any damages for failure to furnish or delay in furnishing any equipment or Internet service (including telephone and telecommunication services) or for diminution in the quality or quantity of any Internet or telecommunications service. 
  • Last Person Out: The last person to leave a room or the last person to leave the building for the night, should turn off all lights and HVAC units (when applicable).


Code of Conduct

Transform GSO is dedicated to providing an ethical, safe, peaceful, and enjoyable working environment for everyone; therefore, we have adopted the following codes of conduct to address harassment, and respect of workspace cleanliness and noise level.

Harassment: Harassment includes, but is not limited to, reasonably offensive verbal comments related to gender, gender identity and expression sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity or religion; sexual images in public spaces; deliberate intimidation; stalking; following; harassing photography or recording; sustained disruption of talks or other events; inappropriate physical contact; and unwelcome sexual attention. Impact trumps intention. Coworkers are encouraged to contact the Executive Director of Transform GSO, even if only witnessing harassment to another. Coworkers asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

Tidiness: Keeping Transform GSO tidy is a requirement in maintaining a quality workspace. Work areas, as well as food and lounge areas, are expected to be kept clean and presentable. This means cleaning up after yourself in conference rooms, the coworking space, and other common areas. Also, food stored in the fridge should be labeled with your name and date.

Noise: Proper etiquette in regard to noise level is also expected. Members must be mindful not to disturb the noise environment, or any specific member of the environment. This is a coworking space. We expect our members to make efforts to recognize the needs of others, and a balance should always be sought to recognize the needs of one, while not hindering the needs of another. 

Conflict Management: Transform GSO requests that all parties with whom we have formal and informal relationships, including customers, members, contractors, consultants, employees and volunteers, consider and agree to participate with us in alternative dispute resolution to resolve any and all conflicts and/or disputed issues that may arise within the course of our contractual relationship. In the spirit of our community manifesto and collaborative focus, we encourage respectful, open and direct communication to address issues at the earliest stage. Members should notify staff should any conflict arise.

We expect participants to follow these rules at all times.


All members and members’ guests are responsible for their own belongings and actions. Transform GSO assumes no liability in connection with any losses related to personal items or any personal injuries that occur in the space. Should any action or inaction cause damage or cost to Transform GSO, that cost is subject to be levied by member or members.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, you release and hold harmless Transform GSO from any claim you have or might have in connection with anything that has occurred or might occur on or in connection with your use of the Common Areas or Offices.